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Do you use any solvents in the extraction process?

No. We do not use any solvents at any point in our process.

Do you use steam distillation?

No. Steam distillation often results in the loss of terpenes and the alteration of the original flavor profile of the hemp from which the terpenes are being extracted. Nor do we use any of the other traditional extraction methods such as hydro-distillation, critical CO2, hydrocarbons, or hexane or ethanol.

Do you synthesize terpenes or include synthetic terpenes in any of your products?

No. We do not synthesize terpenes or otherwise include any synthetic terpenes in any of our products.

Do you blend botanical terpenes into any of your products?

No. We do not blend any botanical terpenes into any of our products. Our terpenes are 100% hemp-derived.

What is the THC level in your products?

The THC level in our products as set out in the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) prepared by the various independent labs that have tested our terpenes has never been anything other than “ND”, which means “Not Detected”.

Are your terpenes 100% hemp-derived?


What is the concentration level (purity) of your terpenes?

While the concentration level of our terpenes varies like the hemp from which it is derived, the concentration level of terpenes in our products ranges from 90.0 to 99.9%.

What method of terpene extraction do you use?

We use a proprietary, solvent-free, mechanical method of extraction that is safe and suitable for all plants, does not degrade the terpenes, and leaves original flavor profiles intact.

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